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Open in a separate window Note. Control variables included age, marital status, income, education, employment status, gender, language use acculturation, social ethnic relations acculturation, field site, and Hispanic background group. Model 2 adjusted for Model 1 control variables plus marianismo gender roles subscales. All subscales were entered simultaneously. A series of models evaluated if the significant relationships between gender roles and negative cognitive-emotional factors remained consistent across participant sex, Hispanic background and acculturation. Thus, all interaction terms were dropped from the final multilevel models regressing negative cognitive-emotional factors on gender roles. Discussion The present study examined associations of the gender role constructs of machismo and marianismo with negative cognitive-emotional factors i. Prior research suggests that culture influences an array of behaviors and psychological experiences by imposing gender role values and expectations for both men and women Courtenay,

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All the rage my work, I investigate the affiliation between the religious experience and the migratory route of the Euro-African after that Euro-Latin-American Pentecostal actors in Brussels Maskens My fieldwork consisted of spending age with followers of mainly but not exclusively two different Pentecostals churches all the rage Brussels. Ideologies and religious practices add to, define, and more specifically be the source of particular sexual identities. This has led me to ask what advantages Pentecostal affiliation brings to the women of the assembly given the apparently burdensome and patriarchal character of this devout ideology. First, women are commonly excluded from leadership in religious spaces.