When Slut-Shaming Starts at Home

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Although the word is increasingly adopted by defiant sign-waving activists, Whore has the power to hurt us at a deep level. Thence back, putting in at Dr. Whore 's, where I saw his lady, a very fine woman. The production of The Whore of Babylon marks the low-water mark of his unfortunate career. Peace, you flead Whorethou hast a mouth like a Bloodhound, here comes a night-shade. Now consider what has been said, and Heaven give you Grace to put it in practise; that is to play the Whore. The first that stood upon her Pantables, as being chief, was the Whoreand thus it was she manag'd her Cause.

But you're asking What is slut shaming? September 9, Rebecca Sedwick12, jumped en route for her death after being tormented relentlessly about how far she'd gone along with a boy she had dated. December 9, Jessica Laney16, hung herself afterwards being called a slut and whore online. October 24, Felicia Garcia15, threw herself in front of a speeding train after rumors spread about her having sex with members of the school's football team. October 10, Amanda Todd15, hung herself after being blackmailed and called a slut over revealing photos an adult had pressured her to take years before. The catalogue could go on and on, although it's frankly too depressing for me to continue. These are children we're talking about. Children who could have—and should have—had bright futures.