10 Little Ways to Become More Generous

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We are indeed a species that loves to help others and confront needs when we see them. Most people I know wish they were able to give more. And while there are a number of reasons that this may be the case… sometimes the best solution may be the simplest. To that end, there are a number of simple steps that we can take to make generosity more intentional in our lives. If you have never given away any money or time, this would be a great way to get started no matter what your current economic situation is. On the other hand, if you are just hoping to raise the level of generosity in your life, you will also find some of these simple steps to be relevant and helpful.

This year, the CFC celebrates its 60th anniversary. As we recover from the challenges of the past year after that meet the new challenges of after that beyond, CFC pledges make a actual and meaningful difference to a immeasurable number of individuals throughout our communities, our nation, and the world. A few people might say it takes an extraordinary person to care enough en route for give, but it's more common than you think, and it's easy! A person can be a changemaker through the CFC. Giving online is our favorite pledge method! It has all the giving options, is easy to make good each year, meets all federal collateral standards, and reduces paper waste. Examination for charities via the online aid search. Leaders from various Departments after that Agencies have been sharing messages of support for the CFC. Read their memos and watch their videos at this juncture.