Relationships Don’t Exist To Meet Your Needs

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We live in a very individualistic society. We stress the importance of being the most you that you can be. Throughout my high school and college years, I continued to hear a theme from very strong-willed individuals. However, when it comes to relationships, if you become too strong-willed, or too hardened, you start to form some ideals that are not so ideal when it comes to including someone else in your life decisions. Let me explain further. A lot of very confident and proud people sometimes go into a relationship saying things. They take certain beliefs into their future relationship that, quite honestly, could be toxic. There is nothing inherently wrong with the mentality, other than the inability to be flexible in nature. I want to key on a few statements specifically.

Around are some needs that are central to all human beings, and all the rage their absence, nothing else matters. At the same time as we satisfy these basic needs, they no longer serve as motivators after that we begin to satisfy higher-order desire. Higher-order needs can only be pursued when the lower needs are met. FULL TEXT[ We all think of ourselves as having various needs—the basic for food, for example, or the need for companionship—that influence our choices and behaviors. This idea also underlies some theories of motivation. In , Abraham Maslow proposed a hierarchy of needs that spans the spectrum of motives, ranging from the biological en route for the individual to the social. According to Maslow, a need is a relatively lasting condition or feeling so as to requires relief or satisfaction, and it tends to influence action over the long term.