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For the longest of time, I thought I was a victim of my circumstances, living as a Black woman in the wrong place, at the wrong time, not being your usual Caribbean character assuming the typical cultural traits of those I was supposed to represent. I must admit, I have always felt out of place, trying to conform with what was expected of me. I was brought up in a time in Europe where you could become a female worker with a dedicated career, a wife or a divorcee, a mother with a social life, a house, 2. If, you were the European prototype that is. The only thing I was sure about was that I wanted to be free, not knowing how costly it could be, for someone like me. I grew up surrounded by women who were impressively strong and fiercely independent. At least, it was my belief, seeing them juggling maternity, work and life on their own, even when there was a partner or husband in the picture; an accessory burden to add to their already heavy load. Like a lot of other families, religion was and still is a big issue in my clan, respectability and marriage too, even though I witnessed plenty of false predicaments and self-proclaimed preachers, doing more evil and committing more adultery than any common mortals.

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