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However, the risk of transmitting either of these conditions to another person is low without through-the-skin exposure. Are there any risks to consider? If you choose not to wear period-proof clothing, the heaviest bleeding days of your cycle could see blood soaking through your underwear and clothes. This tends to be during the first couple of days. Blood may also leak on any surface you sit on.

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Along with underwear the quality of the basics plays an important role and Jockey panties offer you the best bash for your buck when it comes to the fabric quality. Do you remember incidents where you were embarrassed because panty lines showed through your pretty dress? Just like we decide our bras according to the outfits, it is essential to pick the right type of panties for your dresses. Researching and knowing about altered types of panties can save you from such awkward situations. To accomplish your life a wee-bit easier, accede to us have a look at a few of the popular types of panties that you must have in your wardrobe: Boy Shorts Inspired by mens briefsboy shorts are hailed to be one the most comfortable types of panties. They are quite similar en route for hipster panties, but boy shorts are more rectangular in shape and they often have a lower-cut leg.

February 15, Share Every month or accordingly, I receive a glossy coupon as of Victoria's Secret in my mailbox. Not because I hate underwear—I'm an committed lover of underwear. It's because I hate the word panty. And according to the grapevine I'm not alone.