The Hardy Boys Need No Eulogy

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Danger on Vampire Trail. This was the first Hardy Boys book I ever read. He had apparently never become terribly interested in Frank and Joe, even in his pre-Atari days; he had only five or six Hardy Boys books and—embarrassingly—a few assorted Bobbsey Twins adventures. The Hardys were for boys, Nancy for girls; for whom were the Bobbseys meant? Dixon and Carolyn Keene come promptly to mind. It took me four years or so before I finally admitted to myself that neither Mr. Dixon nor Ms. My faith began to crumble, however, as I checked out older editions of the books from my grade school resource room, editions with yellowing paper, which lacked the familiar blue spines and were bound instead in beige covers with brown lettering and, on the front cover, an iconic silhouette of two Hardy Boy-ish figures crouching with flashlights, a sad substitute for the exciting, customized illustrations that graced the newer editions. The single-F.

They follow the adventures of Frank after that Joe Hardy, a pair of brother detectives. Frank is the logical, appease one, and Joe is the add impulsive, instinctual one. The series along their Distaff Counterpart and frequent cross partner Nancy Drew invented or popularized most of the Kid Detective tropes. The series was created in as a result of the Stratemeyer Syndicate , a abundant group of ghostwriters under the administration of Edward Stratemeyer and his daughters, who took over when Edward died in that put out many booming children's books. In the late s until the early '70s, the at the outset 38 books were revised and rewritten to update the stories, eliminating invalid terminology chum, roadster, etc. Newer books were also made, with the creative series coming to an end all the rage with The original editions be able to be recognized by having dust jackets and plain brown and later, complexion tweed covers; the revised versions, activation in , have the cover adventure printed directly on the book en route for better withstand being used and abused by kids.

The Great Wessex Caper. The boys scrambled back onto their motorcycles and gunned them a bit to get ancient the intersecting road in a accelerate. They rode in silence for a while, gazing at the scene ahead of time. On their right an embankment of tumbled rocks and boulders sloped steeply to the water below.