Loose vs. Lose

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I needed to keep living my life while alcohol stayed insignificant in it. How could I do that? The first commitment was that I would be present for friends and family. The second was to leave when I felt ready. I feared that these commitments would make me feel restricted like I did when trying to moderate but my fears were unfounded. Instead, they gave me the freedom to be in control which allowed me to truly let loose. The distractions of alcohol, television, or even your phone. My greatest memories are from those evenings that I made the space for people and allowed myself to enjoy them untethered.

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You're the only goddamn one in this whole goddamn neighborhood without a amalgamate. It's common knowledge around here. I go back to my spot after that to Roy's doghouse and sit along on this lawn that's as bendable and inviting as the bottom of a skillet. It really makes me wonder what kind of sense Amy and this Howard character have. What's the point in living in a place like this, knocking elbows along with the rich and the famous, after that not owning a pool? I could be taking a few laps after that cooling off while I wait as a replacement for of sitting here, covered with a grainy film of sweat and smelling like a world war. I assume if I was the goat I'd be complaining too.

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