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The gift that just keeps on giving, amiright? Cramps during your period are pretty much a given. You might also experience other symptoms, like: lower abdominal pain low back pain headaches Cramps, which could potentially worsen after sex, are more likely during certain stages of your cycle: Ovulation This happens around 2 weeks before you get your period when your body preps for potential pregnancy by releasing an egg for fertilization. During ovulationyou might notice other symptomslike an increase or change in the consistency of your vaginal discharge. Approaching or during menstruation Cramps in the days before you get your period oh hey there, PMS and the first few days after starting are pretty common. You might also feel bloated and irritable, and your breasts might feel heavy and painful. The type of birth control you take Your birth control could be to blame for your cramps.

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Pregnancy The facts on pregnancy Pregnancy be able to happen any time a person along with a penis and person with a vagina have sex. More than half of all teenage pregnancies in Australia occur in the first 6 months of starting to have sex. You can get pregnant even if the withdrawal method is used —when a person with a penis withdraws before 'pulls out' before they ejaculate before cum. How does pregnancy happen?