Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Christina Piercing

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Glans or shaft piercings like the PA move around and graze penile tissue when you masturbate or during oral, anal, or genital sex. This can stimulate more nerves and make you feel more pleasure. The PA wand can be used for sounding — having your partner put jewelry in their mouth and hum. This vibrates your entire penis and can feel intensely pleasurable. The foreskin can be pulled back for this piercing. You may need to relearn how to pee to avoid spraying urine through new urethra openings. Try directing the hole downward or covering the hole. Piercings on the glans or shaft can also pierce through condomsso exercise caution. Your piercer will likely suggest the following materials :.

A Christina piercing is a piercing by the top of the cleft of Venus. This is where the labia majora — aka outer lips — join together, just above the clitoral hood. The piercing extends up vertically from the cleft through the mons pubis , the fleshy mound beyond the cleft. Unlike a clitoris acute that boosts sensation, a Christina is purely ornamental. You may not benefit from any extra physical pleasure from the piercing itself, but merely having it can do wonders for your sexual confidence.

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