Executive Women and the Myth of Having It All

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Adults Are Living Without a Spouse or Partner On key economic outcomes, single adults at prime working age increasingly lag behind those who are married or cohabiting By Richard Fry and Kim Parker This analysis uses decennial census and American Community Survey data to examine the single, to year-old U. Though the decennial census has collected information on marital status for many decades, it was not until the census that unmarried partners of the household head were distinguished from roommates and housemates. The breadth and detail of census data facilitates an examination of not only how the unpartnered population at prime working age has grown sincebut also its changing characteristics in terms of educational attainment, labor market success and living arrangements. References to prime-working-age adults refer to those ages 25 to

We may earn commission from the acquaintance on this page. And the give back there is that if you accomplish decide you'd like to pair bad with someone, you know exactly who you are and what you absence. The reality is, And ancestor are staying single longer than always before; in , the highest average ages ever for a first marriage ceremony were reported : 30 years designed for men and 28 years for women. Here are the benefits of body single that you can start celebrating: There's more time to develop beefy friendships.