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How are you? Where are you? Oh, nice. Is that home base for you? That is home base now. Exciting, so you did a pandemic move? We did do a pandemic move, which is crazy. In many ways, it was really exciting because we were all stuck where we were [during the pandemic] in California.

Examination Chinchilla southern california chinchilla southern california We got our girl from a petstore and the petstore people told us that she was a child. Standard Grey. Information hosted by Petfinder. I was really close to buying from this indiviadual but searched online and realized he was someone en route for avoid at all costs. Chinchilla Organizations 2. Kaytee Chinchilla Dust. We additionally thank Dr. After a stay calculated to allow the chinchillas to acclimate, they were transported by the steamer, Palena to Calloa, Peru. TOV Ebony.