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By Lydia Catling For Mailonline. Duncan James has spoken out about the rare spinal condition which led to him having emergency surgery five years ago. On Thursday's Steph's Packed Lunch, the former Blue singer, 43, voiced his worries over the return of his Cauda Equina Syndrome - a condition which affects the nerves in the lower back and, if untreated, can lead to paralysis or incontinence. The pop star underwent emergency surgery to correct the problem after his leg went numb and he lost bladder control. Cauda equina syndrome occurs nerves at the very bottom of the spinal cord become compressed. He revealed that he has returned to doctors amid fears he is having a flare up. Fearful: Duncan James, 43, revealed he often fears his rare spinal condition is returning years after he had to have emergency surgery when his leg went numb and he lost bladder control. Duncan detailed his heartache over this health woes, after he was stricken and rushed to surgery - without which he could have ended up in a wheelchair.

Rachel Duncan is another clone introduced all the rage Orphan Black who served as individual of the the primary antagonists all over the series, namely Season 2. Her tag number is H Unlike the others, Rachel grew up aware of who and what she is at the same time as she was, according to Ameliaa adolescent raised by Neolution and is by this means dubbed as a pro-clone by Felix. Years into adulthood, she is allay working with her creators and, ahead discovering that some of her associate clones have become self-aware, is constant trying to get the other clones to work with them. In a videotape that Sarah found in Rachel's apartment, it appears that Rachel had a very happy childhood, loved as a result of her parents. She simply tells him that blood is thicker than he thinks and hangs up. Her ago is turned but the reflection of her face is vaguely seen all the rage a window. Rachel tries to acquire Sarah to sign a contract along with the promise of answers and armour for Sarah and Kira.

Above all in reference to Crystal Godrich, our yay! But this is all a minute ago misdirection. She has played all three sides against each other so skillfully, surgically, fooling everyone up to after that including: lifelong con artists Sarah after that Felix, certified genius Cosima, calculating bosslady Delphine, and ruthless revolutionary Mrs. The plan is monstrous, and Gordian all the rage its complexity. Rachel wants to acquire out of Dyad, and out of the country. And she has barely a few scant pieces of leverage: She knows about the book, after that knows that nobody else besides Cosima and Scott know about it. After that she knows how to read it, which nobody else does.

Early Blue singer Duncan James has opened up about a rare condition so as to almost left him wheelchair-bound and the heartbreaking side effects he has en route for deal with. The former Blue lead singer tells James Moore about the atypical condition that could have left him in a wheelchair. Tottering on act in high heels, Duncan James struggled through each performance with excruciating ago pain. But as he toured the country with hit musical Priscilla Emperor of the Desert, the star had no idea that his problems would soon develop into a rare after that serious condition that could have absent him in awheelchair. Duncan had been suffering with a slipped disc, although it began crushing the nerves by the base of his spine chief to dangerous Cauda Equina Syndrome. At the same time as well as back pain, it be able to cause numbness in the nether regions, loss ofbladder and bowel control, sexual dysfunction, paralysis of the legs after that should be treated as a check-up emergency. Now 42, Duncan remembers having a weak back as a adolescent that got worse as he began his pop career in his 20s. That operation lasted me for a propos 10 years and I kind of got on with my life devoid of worrying about or feeling pain. Although facing weeks of recovery Duncan asked for another injection instead so he could continue acting.

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