How to : Safely Look for and Have No-Strings-Attached Sex

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All the rage an ever-swiping dating landscape, sometimes, you want to get laid without a big commitment. Plenty of people all the rage their 30s, 40s, 50s and afar are doing the promiscuous thing. Relationships take time and effort, and at time, those elements are off the dating docket. Done right, one-night stands be able to be stress-free and fun. If you enter a casual sex scenario along with no and I mean no expectations and safety in mind, no-strings-attached femininity can be a great way en route for explore your sexuality without emotional baggage—at any age. You may think you can handle it, but trust me, feelings always worm their way all the rage. Not to say that casual femininity always precludes intimacy. Carol Queen , a sexologist, tells SheKnows.

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