The Fashion Industry Has a Plus-Size Problem. These Women Want to Fix It

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The thinking goes as follows: If you want your bosses to see you as someone who can take on more authority, you need to act that way. Part of that demonstration is in how you present yourself. A fitted black sheath with a tweed Tibi blazer and pointy Louboutins. In hindsight, shopping for those interviews was easy. Then earlier this year I found myself at a place in my career where I was ready to take on more ownership. Even with Glamour's commitment to size inclusivity over the yearsI'm only one of two plus-size people on staff and often the only curvy person on shoots and in senior-level meetings. Did I really need to lose weight to be any better at my job? We have to hunt down pieces online, spend extra money for shipping, and carefully study measurements to find things our colleagues can buy with ease—or are sent for free as gifts from brands. I was disheartened at first, and then I got angry.

But no matter how aesthetically unique before historically significant a particular piece of fashion may be, most visitors en route for the museum typically ask one ask, said Emma McClendon, the museum's accomplice curator of costume. It's become allied to our identity as people. Add recently, in the late 20th century, thin, waif-like models filled the pages of fashion magazines. Now, shapely backsides are celebrated with likes on collective media. To mark International Women's Calendar day, we explore how this ideal is ever-changing, forming a complex history all over art and fashion -- with destructive impacts on women who try en route for conform in each era. Photos: Perceptions of beauty throughout history The Venus of Willendorf figurine dates to a propos 25, BC and is considered a masterpiece of the Paleolithic era. A few historians point to the 4-inch carving as a representation of idealized lady beauty at the time. The 6-foot-tall statue is commonly thought to act for Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of sexual love and beauty. The grease painting is an example of how the painter often depicted women along with curvy, full-figured bodies.

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