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Thanks for checking out my blog! I write sometimes confessional, always sex-positive posts about sex, relationships, and porn. One of my favorite feelings is getting pounded really fucking hard during sex. If a guy was just lying on top of you and slowly banging you, that was supposed to be the dullest sex you could have. Probably because we all finally fessed up and admitted that missionary is really quite good actually. But now we seem to have come to a new consensus. We can all agree that missionary rules.

I text the guy from Spring after that the worst part of Summer of Fuck it. I want a few attention. I want someone to be reminiscent me I am alive and animate. And more importantly, I am self-destructive. He lies and tells me he wishes he could see me. A minute ago a body. Just a mouth along with a superb set of skills. A minute ago a pair of hands enchanted along with talent.

Although why do you like to be taken advantage of? As for a guy to see a girl be converted into yours is obviously hot, but designed for a girl to be used should be a bad feeling? I aim, I agree I see it altogether the time with my friends after that unfortunately they pick a lot of guys who do use them. Although I don't mean like, taken benefit of like I don't want it. I just meant it more akin to an expression, like giving in en route for my feelings and just letting the guy take control :o.