Women reveal the surprising downsides to being 'too beautiful'

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It was, as is so often the case in the beauty business, a global production. Wek, with her downy ebony skin and mere whisper of an Afro, was posed in abut of a stark, white screen. Her simple, white Giorgio Armani blazer about disappeared into the background. Wek, but, was intensely present. Wek represented all that a traditional cover girl was not. More than 20 years afterwards she was featured on that Elle cover, the definition of beauty has continued to expand, making room designed for women of color, obese women, women with vitiligo , bald women, women with gray hair and wrinkles. We are moving toward a culture of big-tent beauty. One in which all is welcome.

Although there are of course some assured perks, it turns out that the bubble of beauty can make a few aspects of life much more arduous. The most common response? Not body taken seriously at work — a place many women found to be fuelled by implicit sexist prejudices. Although in reality she ran circles about everyone and knew the system advance than any guy on her band. Similarly, while beauty pays in a few circumstances it became apparent that it can be a somewhat lonely area.

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