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I thought this was solid. Shame it doesn't seem to be very popular; however Hulu tends to be better at giving chances than Netflix, so maybe it'll get through. The pros: 1. Joe was well-cast, and I loved how he was played.

Who are the most famous of those characters? Nancy Drew … and the Hardy Boys. Frank and Joe Enduring have been paired with Nancy designed for years, with the original Nancy Drew television show in the s featuring the adventures of both Nancy after that the Hardys each week. Since the premiere of the series in , fans have assembled evidence to ascertain that at least one Hardy Child has been in Horseshoe Bay as of the beginning: Ace. The lovable hacker is a fan-favorite character, and by first, it appears that he is an original addition among the a lot of book characters like Nancy and Carson Drew, Hannah Gruen, Bess Marvin, George Fan Fayne , and Nick Nickerson. But on closer inspection, the clues pointing towards Ace being a Enduring have been there all along.

All the rage the first few Hardy Boy books, the boys rode motorcycles and carried 45's. As I continued to announce the series, the boys became a bite more wholesome. And younger, in the first few books Frank was 18 and Joe was 17; suddenly they were 16 and Strangely, the become old shift didn't bother me as the adventure kept me in thrall. I like this version even though the city name is wrong, it should be Bayport; and I'm not blissful with the age difference between Above-board and Joe. The story here is good with some genuine mystery after that menace. It's as much Hardy Boys as any and better than a few of the other TV series so as to borrowed the name.