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The narrator makes it quite clear that he is also a character in his book. Later on, the Host accuses him of being silent and sullen. The first pilgrim Chaucer describes in the General Prologue, and the teller of the first tale. The Knight represents the ideal of a medieval Christian man-at-arms. He has participated in no less than fifteen of the great crusades of his era. Brave, experienced, and prudent, the narrator greatly admires him. Read an in-depth analysis of The Knight. Though she is a seamstress by occupation, she seems to be a professional wife.

This week, a pair of small studies about women who work in restaurants like Hooters made the rounds all the rage the media. The researchers who conducted the studies suggested that women who work in these so-called breastaurants be diagnose with from issues like depression, body air issues, and job dissatisfaction as a result of the sexual objectification so as to they're exposed to at work. En route for get some color on what it's really like to wear those Hooters girl booty shorts, Cosmopolitan. Courtney Dietz, 21, has worked at Hooters designed for almost four years, most recently all the rage the role of corporate trainer. She just took a leave of dearth because her acting career is attractive off. So have you heard a propos these studies this week? I allow nothing bad to say about Hooters, to be honest. I've met the best girlfriends who will be my friends probably my whole life. They'll be in my wedding one calendar day.

Janey is new in town and almost immediately meets Lynne, who shares her anger for dancing in general and Ball TV in particular. Drew : It's the safest thing you'll ever allow between your legs. DrewJeff : Nothing! Play trailer Comedy Music Romance. Administrator Alan Metter. Amy Spies. Top credits Director Alan Metter.