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As the world continued to grapple with changing restrictions and recommendations surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, rumors persisted into late summer regarding scientific understanding behind the effectiveness of certain face coverings used to reduce COVID transmission. Research by Snopes found this claim to be false and largely misreported by some media outlets. The claim can be traced back to a study published in Science Advances on Aug. Throughout the course of their research, scientists set out to determine the best methods for testing how to evaluate 14 types of face coverings — not determine which one is the most effective in protecting against transmission. The study was not meant to be a conclusive guide describing which masks to wear, but rather how to test their varied effectiveness. In short, the study findings concluded that the laser-beam method for viewing, recording, and counting respiratory droplets from analyzed face coverings is a quick and easy way to test their effectiveness. But how well each mask worked was not determined —— that would require further, more specific, evaluation, stricter testing mechanisms, and greater control over variables. Now, other scientists can use this same laser-beam method to specifically test for mask effectiveness.

This means only a third of altogether sexual assaults in the U. Perpetrators tended to be between the ranks of E-3 and E-5, with a good number being the same grade, or a little higher than the victim's rank. Apprentice enlisted women were at highest attempt for sexual assault. According to the report, the national odds that a woman will be sexually assaulted all the rage her lifetime are 1 in Although for young military women ages 17 to 20, it is 1 all the rage 8. And for to year-olds, it is 1 in Acting Defense Bureau Patrick Shanahan sent a memo Wednesday to the Joint Chiefs of Baton saying he planned to make sexual harassment a crime and will begin a program to encourage reporting en route for catch repeat offenders. He called the results of the report and erstwhile studies on military sexual assault deplorable. Robert Neller said his service bidding institute rank-specific leadership training to advance staff non-commissioned officer and officer behaviour of sexual-assault reports, as well at the same time as overhaul its victims advocacy training after that increase sexual-assault response coordinator training.

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