Ladies: PLEASE Stop Being So Faithful Before Commitment

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Everyone has their type when it comes to dating. Some women like tall guys, some prefer ones with glasses, and some look for a man with sport or artistic talent. But it turns out when it comes to getting married, women not only look for a particular physical appearance. Beyond handsomeness and the ability to sweet talk, women want their future husband to have more substantial traits and qualities to have a solid and long-lasting marriage. You know you have chemistry with a guy when you're always excited to see him, energized to be around him, or simply feel like you can easily engage in a conversation with him. Your relationship flows, and before you know it, you have formed a deep connection with each other. That what makes chemistry as important or even more than physical attributes, because you can't fake or force it even with someone you're so visually attracted to. So, when looking for a future husband, a woman tends to look if she shares any chemistry with him because if not, then the relationship can easily feel dull and disconnected.

All woman prays to date or get hitched a perfect man. Well, the accordingly called perfect man means different things to many different women. But the general acceptable meaning of a absolute man to every woman is a man who can take care of them just the way they absence. A man who they can achieve comfort in.

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