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Hirsch At the time of this study, Jennifer S. Find articles by Jennifer S. Requests for reprints should be sent to Jennifer S. Accepted August 19, We also describe the intertwining of reputation-based sexual identities with structurally patterned sexual geographies i. For a growing number of women in rural Mexico—and around the world—marital sex represents their single greatest risk for HIV infection. In rural Mexico, reputation is a critical aspect of sexual identity, and thus attention to socio-sexual reputations provides insight into why people act in ways that are socially safer but physically more risky.

Adjust in London, the juicy drama, as of executive producer Shonda Rhimes, follows attractive young aristocrat Daphne Bridgerton Phoebe Dynevor as she makes her social entrance with the goal of marrying designed for love. And she knows nothing of sex. And over the course of the series we watch her alter entirely. What was the marriage market?

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