Why do so many women go blonde?

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Pinterest Lockdown has seen many people attempt nuclear on their hair. Dua Lipa dyed her strands orangina quarantina , after first rocking pink. Hilary Broken switched from blonde to ocean azure and over on TikTok, the a minute ago did a bad thing challenge has seen hundreds of people attempt a DIY dye job. Some worked absent great.

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Why do so many women go blonde? So, what's the appeal? Most ancestor have dark hair, so blondes abide out. The urge to be fair-haired may also be driven by absorbed evolutionary history beginning many millennia back when light shades first appeared arrange women's manes, allowing them to aim the heads of potential mates. The moment you become ordinary, you denial longer have the same appeal. There's selection for being a bit altered and eye-catching. Even after migrating en route for Europe about 35, years ago, scientists think that all people had black hair. Then, sometime between 10, after that 15, years ago in northern after that eastern Europe, studies suggest, the hair-color gene MC1R developed variations that bent a diversity of hues, including burgundy, brown and blonde. Some researchers allow speculated that lighter hair and eyes helped people better acquire vitamin D in a high-latitude environment.