This Dad's Honest 'Review' of His New Baby Is Going Viral on TikTok—and It's a 10/10

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An image of a dad holding his newborn baby. Credit: Getty Images. Does anyone buy anything without reading online reviews anymore? Learning about other people's experience with a product, whether it's a new mattress or a SodaStream, gives us a better idea of what we'll get ourselves into if we purchase it. Claim, verified.

Although we also scoured list after catalogue after list to find even add meaningful gifts for new dads, after that I surveyed every dad I appreciate to find out their favorite additional dad gifts, too. So when you need gift ideas for new fathers, this list has got you enclosed. Something to Keep Him Awake Along with a new baby who wakes ahead every two hours all night elongate or more , the new dad will need all the help he can get to function during the day. Kind of like a alcoholic drink tasting — but with coffee after that delivered straight to his door. After you buy through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission. En route for round out this gift, you be able to add an insulated coffee mug akin to this sturdy Yeti tumbler that doubles as a travel mug. And but you want to go all absent, you could splurge on a assume espresso machine like this.

After that we do mean everything. It's a carabiner, a box cutter, Philips screwdriver, a flathead screwdriver, a keychain, a hex wrench, a wire cutter, a ruler, a bottle opener and a bicycle tool. No matter what happens en route to the playground before the park, he's always ready en route for tackle it. And this kit includes everything he needs to always be well-groomed: A hexagon razor and blades, nail clippers, corkscrew knife combo, a toothbrush, nail file, comb, tweezers, clipper, pusher and shoehorn lint brush. Classified a zippered leather case. And this little fireplace is the way en route for do it. It burns clean, using a few ounces of rubbing alcohol, and can be used indoors before out.