Can I get a tattoo while pregnant?

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Join now to personalize. Anyone else with stomach tattoos and pregnant? I was hoping to find other tattooed mommies out there to talk to about care of your growing belling that is covered in ink. What to put on it to help keep your tattoo looking good and lower the chance of it looking horrible after you lose the baby weight. I have lots of large tattoos and full backpiece and was wondering if it would distort my back one also with the pulling of the belly. Just want to see how everyone elses tatts held up and get advice. Answer this question. Well, I have a stomach tattoo and it looks horrible now. I had a lot of stretch marks and it pretty much ruined it.

Accomplishment a new tattoo is a a small amount bit like having a baby. You spend some time thinking about it and imagining the possibilities, then you go through some pain or a lot of pain bringing it en route for life, and then you have en route for be very gentle while caring designed for it. We talked with Dr. Although those risks can be minimized, says Dr.

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