Female Sex Drive: What Is Considered Normal?

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Do you think about it enough or too much? Are you having more or less sex than everyone else? And, more importantly, should you care? But, like most concepts having to do with our bodies, libido is a lot more complicated than many of us think.

Although after a while, the frequency of those middle-of-the-night romps, lusty daydreams, after that racy text messages began to decline. What happened? From libido-lowering medications en route for an overdose of technology, here are the 10 most common sex ambition killers — and how to affect them. You're Too Darn Tired Advance and shine, go to work, knockout the boss, come home, whip ahead dinner — phew!

Contributing Factors Many women will tell you that their sex drive is stronger at certain times of the month. Those tracking their monthly cycles bidding likely discover that these urges add to right before ovulation. Nature wants you to get pregnant and increases the output of hormones to give your libido a boost. Not only does your sexual desire spike when this happens, but your partner is apt to feel more attracted to you too. Libido Before Ovulation Your abundant window —the time in which you can conceive—lasts for about seven being each month. You are most apt to experience increased libido as you approach ovulation and a drop all the rage libido once ovulation occurs. According en route for research, this phase of increased sexual desire lasts for around six being and coincides with the production of luteinizing hormone LH. How the Lady Reproductive Cycle Works Since LH peaks 24 to 36 hours before ovulation, your chances of getting pregnant are high if you have sex contained by this timeframe. Another study asked women to track when they had femininity over a period of 90 being.