The Curve Comeback

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When you think about the different types of models in the fashion industry, two categories come to mind: straight size and plus size. The documentary chronicles all the preparation and obstacles: booking a diverse group of models, finding the luxury clothes in various sizes, dealing with fashion industry politics, and finally the reactions of the exhibit attendees. The purpose: To prove that diversity is not only beautiful, but also essential. I wanted to change the imagery that we're seeing out there and show the fashion industry that it can be done. When McQuaile and her team started this project, they sought out subjects who are already embracing body positivity and inclusion, like Chromat designer Becca McCharen and model Iskra Lawrence. And McQuaile had the opportunity to see the impact these trailblazers are already making in fashion. While traveling with Lawrence for her Aerie campaignshe noted how enthusiastic the people at Aerie events were to see women of different sizes in ads.

The fashion industry isn't historically known designed for championing curvy modelsbut with a better focus on size, racial, and femininity diversity in recent years, there has, at the very least, been a palpable shift. Still, for many of the successful curvy models we accompany gracing ad campaigns, runways, and Instagram feeds today especially those who allow been in the industry for a few timethe road to getting booked after that staying booked came with greater challenges than their straight-sized counterparts. Undoubtedly, the industry has finally reached the area of noticeable change regarding highlighting images and individuals who represent the a choice of body types around the world, against a fraction of what consumers essentially look like. While reports show so as to only 34 curve models hit the runways during this September's fashion month 1. Additionally, in October, widely loved UK-based fashion retailer PrettyLittleThing released their first plus-specific collection in collaboration along with French model and influencer Leslie Sidorawhile other brands from ASOS to Mango have also expanded their selections en route for cater to curvy women. But all the rage a world where three curvy models on a high-fashion runway is adult news and many retailers only agreement plus-size options for select styles, but any, it's clear that the act is far from done. To acquire a better understanding of how a good deal the fashion industry has come all the rage its treatment of curvy models, how far it has to go, after that what it's like to be all the rage an industry that has historically prioritized straight-sized models, we spoke with seven curvy models about their career experiences. In an industry that is all the time under fire for its slow alteration to widespread diversity on all fronts, these seven models are among the group breaking barriers. Read ahead en route for learn more about everything from their early career experiences as curvy women, to how they protect their cerebral health at work, to their calls to action to brands and agencies to ensure the industry's progress doesn't end here.

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