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These companies already give you money. The CEO may be a major donor, or the company might be a sponsor or underwriter of a program or event. This company is a friend, supporter, and an ally with whom you can kick off a partnership. Why do they matter? Companies that are supporters are already on your side and open to experimenting and taking risks because they know and trust you. When should you reach out to them? Reach out these people first! During my 20 year career working in nonprofits, I always had one goal on my first day at a new job: to find out what companies my new employer already knew.

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Achieve an open grassy area and dye numbered squares on it. Get your local farmer to bring in individual or two cows and some cage fencing so much easier than you'd think, really. Cows deliver pies times per hour, so you can administer this game all day with a well-fed bovine. Challenges to Consider: But you know cows and farmers, after that you'll understand the challenges and the simplicity of this fun game! Sponsoring or Partnering Organization: The space you use might have to be rented from a local park if you want to get additional pedestrian interchange. This could be a raffle before auction prize. Challenges to Consider: Accomplish sure everything is in order designed for insurance and safety, since these actual expensive vehicles will be on loan! Having a first day sales aim is an effective way to jumpstart your fundraiser.