Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

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Skinfold thickness measurements have been commonly used to determine percentage of body fat. Design: Cross-sectional study. Methods: To compare BMI and skinfold measurements as indicators for obesity in the adolescent athletic population, anthropometric data height, weight, percentage body fat, age, and sex were recorded from 33 student athletes average age, 15 years; range, years during preparticipation physical examinations from to BMI was calculated from height and weight. Percentage of body fat was determined by measuring skinfold thickness. Results: According to their BMI percentile,

Afterwards meeting through a mutual friend, clown Harry Enfield invited Whitehouse to carve for him. Whitehouse in turn asked Higson to help him out. Higson made many appearances in minor roles, while Williams and Whitehouse had chronic roles with Vic and Bob all the rage The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, parodying the members of rock arrange Slade in the Slade in Abode and Slade on Holiday sketches. He was looking for new shows by the time to replace several high-profile series that had been recently abandoned to BBC1and their show was chosen up. The Fast Show was a working title disliked by both Whitehouse and Higson but it went unaffected through production and eventually remained at the same time as the final title.