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A propos a year ago, now year-old artefact designer Austin Kevitch was going all the way through a breakup. In an interview above the phone from his home all the rage Los Angeles, Kevitch said that he started the site as a comic story. But it quickly took off: screenshots circulated on social media, and he began receiving hundreds of applications. He put a team together there are now eight Lox Club employeesand they started reviewing potential users over the summer, officially launching the app this fall. Photo: Lindsey Kevitch Kevitch accepted wisdom dating apps on the whole were too sterile. My application languished designed for nearly two weeks as I compulsively checked the app and sent disturbed tweets about my desire to be accepted. I, like fellow Jew Groucho Marx, am only interested in clubs that would not have me at the same time as a member. When I contacted Kevitch for an interview, I was after all in. He insisted that the access rate was just slow, which seems like the right thing to acquaint with someone with a clearly fragile character who is writing about your affair.