Meet Stagecoach Mary the Daring Black Pioneer Who Protected Wild West Stagecoaches

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Known for her fearlessness and charismaDunne was called to missionary work by her bishop and headed to Montana where she founded an Ursuline convent there in There, she assisted Jesuit priests who were starting schools for the Blackfeet Nation. InFields got word that the beloved nun was gravely ill, and headed to Montana to help her. The West suited Fields, who nursed Dunne back to health and began working for her new convent near Cascade, Montana. Kicked out of the convent, Fields was on her own—and she set about living a life that was shocking by 19th-century standards. She took in laundry and did odd jobs, started businesses and became known for liking hard liquor and gunfights. This tough reputation ended up paying off. Inshe got a contract from the postal service to become a star route carrier —an independent contractor who carried mail using a stagecoach donated by Mother Amadeus.

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