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Hi Friends, let me introduce myself! Spoiler alert, my name is Julie. I grew up in the Kawartha Lakes and continue to reside here I am a major homebody. I looooove to travel, and I love to come home. My friends are my family, and my family is my life. Photography has always been a hobby of mine and my absolute dream job from a very young age. I am a lover of a great cup of java, the sound of rain in the middle of the night, wood-burning fireplaces, travelling anywhere and everywhere and any body of water brings instant solidarity to my soul.

InMonique was living in Toronto with her young son, renting a small accommodation and working in the Arts. My parents had a cottage in Omemee, Kawartha Lakes, and we loved visiting them. My parents got me tickets to Globus Theatre in Bobcaygeon, after that when I struck up a banter with James Barrett, the Artistic Creator, that night, it was a authorize to me that there were options outside Toronto. Having directed and bent plays in Toronto was a advantage, but it was the mentorship after that guidance from James Barret, Artistic Creator, and Sarah Quick, Artistic Directors, of Globus Theatre, that have lifted her up. In less than two years, Monique was hooked on Kawartha Lakes. Many have come from Toronto en route for work at Globus Theatre each summer and have decided to stay after that make it home. We can animate and work here successfully. Youth, seniors and people from all ages all the rage the community are taking part.

Awards and the Peterborough This Week Awards!! Thank you so much! On a more somber note, my mother accepted away from Dementia on April 9th, and my family found it arduous to navigate the system during Covid. It was very frustrating. She helped us out immensely! Our goal is to help guide you through the process with Dr. Jennifer Ingram. Accordingly I would like to dedicate this to my mother, Irene Irvine, who was a wonderful, caring, thoughtful female who loved her family more than life itself.

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Hollyann Carroll, a native Canadian, grew ahead in a small town by a loving single mom who plays a vital role in shaping her animation and career. Holly always desired en route for be a model, and she had the perfect looks and aptitude designed for it. Her modeling career and the authority she received by the award surprisingly did not only make her aware of the power of her beauty, but she also became add aware of her innate desire en route for help people around her. This encouraged her to take part in a choice of philanthropic charities and landed her all the rage real estate. Her love to advantage people, make them feel comfortable after that undergo the process of discovering their dream home all through her advice, provides her the ultimate satisfaction. She settles for nothing more than can you repeat that? her client demands and makes absolutely that the tedious procedure of buying and selling properties is a bite of cake for them. Her favorite part of meeting new people all day and being able to abide a peek into their dreams.

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