Leona Helmsley's Little Rich Dog Trouble Dies in Luxury

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The officer seen in a viral video restraining a woman who was walking a dog at North Avenue Beach was placed on paid desk duty Monday by Police Supt. David Brown while the agency charged with looking into police misconduct conducts its investigation. The other option COPA recommended to Brown was to strip the officer of his police powers pending the conclusion of their probe. And then allow this process of finding out what happened, getting to the bottom of it, before we then make [disciplinary] next steps, from my perspective. The woman in the video, Nikkita Brown, was near the lakefront with her dog Saturday around a. Brown told the officer she and her dog were leaving the park, the statement said. In the video, Brown and her dog appear to be walking away from the officer as he follows closely. At one point, Brown turns around with a phone in hand and stops. When Brown is finally free, she can be seen on video picking up her phone from the ground and walking away with her dog.

Helmsley bought the beloved pet for bolster after the death of her companion, billionaire hotelier Harry Helmsley. Though the pooch died in December, news of her demise was only reported this week. The pampered pooch had led a life of luxury after her owner purchased her at a Additional York City pet shop and chauffeured her around in a stretch limo. In death, Helmsley earned her call, the Queen of Mean, cutting bad her grandchildren and leaving a assign fund to the cherished pet.

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