Does Your Vagina Become Tighter If You Have Less Sex?

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By times, a woman may notice her vagina feels tighter than usual. At time, these changes may cause a vagina to feel tighter than normal. At the same time as a result, some women may assume their vagina is too tight, above all if they experience discomfort or ache during sexual penetration. This belief is misplaced. The pain or discomfort is a symptom of other issues. All the rage its unaroused state, the vagina is between 3 and 4 inches elongate and may not produce enough lubrication for comfortable intercourse. However, when aroused, the vagina expands in width after that length and releases lubrication.

Constant if you're comfortable talking about your sex life with friends, there are likely some topics — such at the same time as weird carnal concerns — that are too embarrassing to bring up, constant to your best girls. But, hey, that's why you have Cosmo! We asked experts to weigh in arrange some of the most outrageous femininity worries women have. The reality: Altogether vaginas aren't created equal