The Differences In Addiction Between Men And Women

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Men were the only participants in years of studies. This initial, exclusionary medical bias reflects some of the particular issues women have faced in addiction. In the s, several US organizations instituted requirements for the inclusion of women as study participants. Since that inclusion, researchers have discovered a number of differences in addiction between men and women. Typically, men are more likely to abuse illicit drugs and alcohol — However, women are more likely to go to the emergency room or fatally overdose due to substance abuse. The distinctions between men and women suffering from addiction stem from biological and sociological differences. Many researchers now explain gender differences between the 2 as a result of the impact of society such as childcare responsibilities, addiction stigma, relationship dynamics, etc. There are also biological differences between men and women, revolving primarily around testosterone and estrogen production as well as average body size and composition, that cause substances to diversely affect the body.

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