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Enhance your purchase. Do you ever feel like something's missing in your life — you just can't put your finger on what? Do you ever experience cravings so strong you feel like something's possessing you? In Hungry for MoreMel Wells helps you dive deeper into your food and body psychology, to help you understand how your unwanted eating patterns and cravings might not be due to a lack of will power but a lack of fulfilment. Our relationship with food is a mirror of our relationship with life, which means our deepest cravings point to something much greater than caramel lattes. When we set ourselves free from the limiting beliefs we have around food and our bodies, we begin to discover just how powerful we really are. Hungry for More is a call to anyone who wants to look more deeply at those hidden messages around food and cravings, and in doing so, unlock a gateway to limitless spiritual and personal growth. Print length.

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