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G-Eazy - Almost Famous Lyrics When I leave I'm knowing you miss me We run through bottles like nothin', like I'm tryna drown in this whiskey Indulge in everything we wish We drink it straight with no mixers, got bitch drinks if you squeamish At the after parties, no pictures My bag of trees looks greenish, got a bad bitch to roll swishers This lifestyle's the sweetest Fredo Santana - Take Risks Lyrics Tryin to get some money gotta take risks [Verse 1:] I'm a super savage, got a money habit I'm addicted to bad bitches I gotta have it Fear risks every day transporting cabage In and out of state moving like a chad rabbit Whole lot of drugs on me gotta meet the casket Philthy Rich - Money Be Calling Lyrics Man that money be calling I'm addicted to bitchies Getting money and ballin And these niggas be hatin I ain't trippin or stallin. Blocked behind them cells my bitch won't answer my threeway It was ringin off the hooks, no money in them books BABO Hey I get the sensey, party to one hundred, something good dj pal, everyday, every night, or rather high, here if there I'm addicted to seduction, I like good dirty talk dude you be my partner, I am a businessman Lil' Wyte - Freaky Girls Lyrics With his black T and his black shoe and body full of tattoos And that's just me, forgive me I like my bitches tough Throw me down, choke me, slap me, squirt all in my fuckin face Man I'm addicted to them freaky girls Man I'm addicted to them freaky girls [Verse 3:] I love the super freaks, new pussy so clean you could hear it squeak I said that I was going to quit but I can't Every other day I'm sipping on another pint I can't stay too long, cause she gonna catch feelings I just catch flights, and chase millions I just left from Cleveland on the way to Philly Franke - Bad Tattoo Lyrics Feels like I'm addicted to the losing Feels like I'm a legend in my movie Guess she know the real me Guess she know the real me Whatcha gonna do Pull up on me attitude and ya bad tattoo And you talking big too Whatcha gonna do When you pull up on me attitude and ya bad tattoo And you talking big too Now it's 2 A. Found 35 lyrics.

He was born as Lesane Parish Crooks. He was one of the finest selling music hip hop artists of all time, selling more than 75 millions of records worldwide, who was also known by his stage names 2Pac and Makaveli. Tupac was ammunition down on September 7, , after that he died six days later arrange September 13, He had gained popularity not only because of his talent but also for his alter style. He could rock different styles with his very famous bandanas air, same was the case with his Tattoos.

I see mad girls like you You seen mad girls just acting angry I'm telling you though There ain't nobody like me You just fronting, there's people out like that [? Get at me Whoo, I told you niggaz Niggas, better grab a seat Grab on your dick at the same time as this bitch gets deep Deeper than the pussy of a bitch 6 feet Stiff dicks feel sweet all the rage this little petite Young bitch as of the street, guaranteed to stay along Used to bring work outta city on Greyhound Now I'm Billboard abut, niggas press to hit it Act me like a chicken, thinkin' I'm pressed to get it Rather accomplish the killin' than the stick-up juxs Rather count a million while you eat my pussy Push me en route for the limit, get my feelings all the rage it Get me open while I'm cummin' down your throat Then, you wanna be my main squeeze, nigga Don't you? You wanna lick amid my knees, nigga Don't you absence to see me whippin' your 3 down the Ave? Blow up spots on bitches because I'm mad Be in breach of up affairs, lick shots in the air You get vexed and advantage swinging everywhere Me shifty? Now you wanna pistol whip me Pull absent your 9 while I cock arrange mine Yeah, what nigga? I ain't got time for this So can you repeat that?, nigga? I'm not tryin' to attend to that shit Now you wanna accept me diamonds and Armani suits Adrienne Vittadini and Chanel 9 boots Things that make up for all the games and the lies Hallmark cards sayin' I apologize Is you along with me?

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