25 Amazing Vagina Facts All Women Should Know

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By contrast, if you switch things up, you may find that your partner's experience is more satisfying, since delaying their orgasm can make it stronger, says Brandon. So save your signature skills for the grand finale and experiment with these 17 ways to touch your partner's vagina. Early on in your encounter—before they've gotten so turned on that her hood retracts—give the hot spot on her vagina a little love: Trace their inner labia upwards until you find the fold just above their clitoris, and stroke it with your fingertips, making sure your digits are sufficiently slick with lube. First, let's get one thing straight: the G-spot isn't some mystical, hidden pleasure zone—it's just an internal portion of the clitoris. The clitoris is so much more than that little bud you see at the top of the labia; the wishbone-shaped organ actually extends up to five inches inside the body, and you can stimulate it with that classic come-hither motion you've probably heard about before. If not: the trick is to insert a finger inside the vagina, palm up, and use a come-hither movement to provide stimulation. To wake up the region, use the heel of your hand to press downward on the mound, in the direction of their clitoris. Before you part the outer lips of your partner's vagina, give the lips a little attention. That said, taking your time before touching their clit can do wonders for their arousal—so press their labia majora between your thumb and index finger, rubbing back and forth with a gentle massaging motion, then gently tug their lips upward.

Able-bodied, prepare to learn, as we abide you through 10 surprising facts a propos your lady parts. Whatever you appeal it, there is one thing so as to we can all agree on: the vagina is vital for human breeding and plays a major role all the rage sexual satisfaction. But there is accordingly much more to the vagina than many of us realize. This is one fact that we need en route for get out of the way.

The vagina is a fascinating body part—what it looks like , how it smells , even how it changes over time. Chances are, there are probably a lot of vagina facts that you don't know, so we tapped top experts to find absent the most amazing—and important—things every female should know about her vagina. The truth is, the labia majora external lips and labia minora inner lips look different on all types of bodies. There are several general labia types but even these have a load of variation : asymmetric inner before outer lips; curved outer lips bent like a horseshoe ; dangling external lips; dangling or protruding inner lips; small closed lips and small ajar lips.

The common fear that your vagina smells bad is rooted in sexist, behind the time culture rather than fact. Beyond accept that the smell of vagina is normal, many guys are incredibly bowed on by the scent. We made out and fooled around, but hold in reserve all the touching above underwear. The thing was, her panties were ace thin, and she got super bucketing. When I smelled it, it smelled amazing. I hid those jeans as a result of the side of my bed after that would smell them and masturbate all night for like a week straight! Years later, I finally told a woman how much I loved her smell. I wish I had the self confidence I have now after I was a bit younger. Accordingly it was a win-win!