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Custom search by name or location. New Listings: Custom search by name or location. Medical Specialist! Some of the hottest Wives you'll ever see, cheating on film with Their hubby's approval! FemDom Goddess. Ballbusting, medical play, electro stimulation, and more!

Get undressed and kneel before Her. Strict, erotic, and sensual! Imaginative and inventive, along with a wicked sense of humor! She will find and celebrate your acceptable qualities while ever-challenging your limits! Earnest experienced and new subs welcome. Ten Years' Experience! Well stocked sq.

A few women are born to reign, along with a natural skill for control, an appetite for power, and beauty so as to brings their subjects to their knees. Naturally dominant and mentally sharp, she has enjoyed BDSM for as elongate as she can remember. As Aviva grew into her feminine charms, she realized she had started bullying after that manipulating others casually in her delicate life for her amusement and agreement. Recognizing her kinky interests and accepted talent for control, Aviva decided en route for train at a top NYC cell. Ravishing looks combined with exceptional brain and expansive imagination were her tools of domination before she knew how to tie ropes and wield a paddle. As a dominant woman, Aviva enjoys controlling the experience of others, teasing and playing with her pets, and being served by the accepted submissive. Her moods and sessions array from strict and severe to bodily and playful. Physically, Aviva is can you repeat that? fantasies are made, with a advantage and presence that stops traffic.

A good number would say I am a built-up snob; I am elegant yet kinky with a twisted dark side. I carry Myself with poise and akin to a Lady, but at times blaspheme like a sailor and can gossip the naughtiest things to you at the same time as well as use strong commands so as to will bring you to your knees. Its so easy to control men; I have been doing it designed for many years and am a accepted Dominant which you will see at the same time as soon as we meet. I achieve it humorous when I meet a submissive man how quickly he becomes erect in My presence, a absolve indication that I am in be in charge of once the blood rushes from his brain to in-between his legs. My experience in the Domination scene started at the age of 19 designed for Me, I had always loved manipulating men and found it easy en route for get what I wanted from them. Assertive, aggressive, spunky, playful, seductive after that kinky is everything you will achieve in Me, I assure you I AM different, you will not achieve Me forced into an act before a certain demeanor or behavior, all about My persona as a Fem Domme is natural and not affected. Whether you seek a sensual Craze Session or an intense Domination be subject to, you will find Me extremely adaptable and open-minded. As a professional Dominatrix I find discretion imperative for equally Myself and My clients. My character as a Lifestyle Fem-Domme and authority Dominatrix are important, if you accomplish a little research you will achieve I am reputable yet reserved.