Not Looking For Anything Serious. Why Do Women Say That?

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I had the same thought that they say this to eliminate any pressure. A guy I've been hooking up with said this to me but somehow I feel like he's not completely being honest with himself and confused as to what he wants seeing as though he still invited me to meet his best friend, talking about places to go, going to one of his main events etc. I don't know I just started dating and I'm not really interested in being committed to one person. There are so many people out there and I'd like to meet a few. Guy's Behavior. NotSoBad Yoda. What does this mean to you when you say it? What does this mean to you when you hear it?

How can you get her to adjust her mind and decide that she wants to a serious relationship along with you? The woman was immediately amused, giggling, flirting with him and affecting him in suggestive ways and it was clear to both of them as well as to those examination that they were going to catch up sexually. You may have watched them exchange phone numbers or advantage kissing and then leave together; apparently to begin a sexual relationship. Altogether this happened right away and it was clear that at no advantage during their interaction, did the chap have to convince her to akin to him. She was attracted to him and excited about potentially getting en route for be with him. He simply attracted her and then offered her the challenge that so many men deny women of.

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