9 Cars that Command Respect – Empowering Cars for Women that Put the World on Notice

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We are more empowered than ever and yet, MeToo has us in a cultural identity crisis. But you can still send a wordless message of power just by showing up. In the right car. Here are the top 9 rides that send get the idea across without saying anything! Every girl needs a car that lets her shine. And the Alfa Romeo Giulia is the next best thing out of Italy after pasta. Being unique is better than being perfect! Make your budget look as sexy as an LBD in heels. Got your back.

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We asked Taylor and Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of The Humor Advantage, about the finest — and quickest — ways en route for earn respect at work. Read arrange for their top tips. Kerr called it a chicken-and-egg relationship: If you respect other people, they'll be add inclined to respect you, and accordingly on. Taylor emphasized the importance of treating everyone with equal respect, whether they're above or below you all the rage the corporate hierarchy. Taylor recommended trying not only to meet your deadlines, but to beat them whenever achievable. One great way to lose people's respect? Walk around telling them how great you are, Kerr said. Don't let your ego get in the way, he added — be assertive that if you're doing a able job, your coworkers will notice.