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As a vulvar dermatologist yes, that's a thing Edwards specializes in caring for women with chronic vulvar symptoms like itching, pain, rawness, painful sex, and chronic discharge. For more on the specialty or to find one in your area, visit the National Vulvodynia Association at nva. But you don't have to schedule an appointment with a specialist to get their top tips on caring for your skin down there—they've shared their knowledge, below. Scrub off those oils with harsh cleansers think body washes or douches with dyes, fragrance, or surfactantsand your vulva will be more prone to irritation, she says. Here are 4 things you should never, ever do to your vagina. Worse, you'll remove the good bacteria that help maintain a healthy pH and make room for odor- and infection-causing bacteria to move in. So keep it simple and clean your vulva with warm water, by hand, then leave it be. The fragrances, dyes, chemicals, preservatives, and anti-itch anesthetics they contain aren't necessary, and can cause allergic reactions.

Your labia are unique Vaginas — before more accurately, vulvas, and all their components — come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They even allow different smells. And unless your average involves pain or discomforteverything is apt fine. Still unsure? Take a air at these pictures of real labia to get a sense of how varied they can really be, after that read on to learn more a propos their overall appearance. The inner lips — which usually lead the approach to your vaginal opening — are called the labia minora. Wanna acquire a closer look?

Although less than 50 percent of vulva-owners have innies — Dr. McDevitt says about 44 percent do — this is the type of vulva a good number commonly seen in adult entertainment. A minute ago as no two outies look comparable, no two innies are the accurate same, either. There can be variations in labia width, length, and color. Some people with innies have diminutive, closed outer lips that conceal after that contain the inner lips completely, although others have outer lips that are long, dangling down past the central lips and sometimes outside of their underwear. Why are we talking a propos this now? Raise your hand but you learned about how many variations of normal labia there are all the rage sex ed. Chances are your hand is down. And, in many cases, only see one kind of vulva — innies — in porn after that other NSFW images.